Get the City Out of You

With the city’s fast-forward life, we often neglect the need to pause and break sometimes. Right kind of Breaks give our mind much needed relaxation from the stress & exhaustion from our hectic lives. Here we offer you a great detox while immersing in nature & village life, going back to roots. Experience complete peace of mind with breathtaking locales, away from crowded tourists destinations as usual. Holiday differently.

foreigner carrying water pot in village

Waterfalls to Forest Streams
Paper Boats to Fishing
Read a Book or Jump in Puddles
Help a farmer or Play with animals
Trek the hill or Share stories Riverside


Very small picturesque village situated right next to the lush green forest, is just 120kms from Mumbai in Shahpur. Hence, we get to see rich bio-diversity in plants & birds around those endless greens of the paddies. Another beautiful site to see is the picture perfect river flowing near the village. Relish organic simple but filling meals made on chulha. Rejuvenate here completely with your friends or families in authentic rural life.

green paddy field

Activities (optional):

  • Walk through the village, knowing the place & people
  • Chill at the river-stream. Get fish-pedicure, take a dip, etc.
  • Play several village games like – tyre-race, marbles, sail paper-boats, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in farming activities going on
  • Trek to the near-by hill with guide
  • Photography of varied bio-diversity, landscapes & portraits
  • Listen & share stories with the locals
  • Meditate at river-side, re-connect with yourself
  • Immerse in your favourite Book

Go for a Day trip from morning to evening. Or opt for over-night Stay. Available on Weekdays as well as Weekends. For any Age group. Contact 9819155259 for details & bookings soon.



  • Consumption of Alcohol, Drugs or Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere within the village.
  • Don’t expect any comforts in this small village.. enjoy the raw, authentic village life – with all organic & natural foods.

THIRD EYE EXPLORERS – Seeking the Beyond

Fun in the Rains

Fun in the Rains trip
The Monsoons are finally here. And its time for us to go for a lovely road-trip and enjoy nature’s abundance, enjoying the weather, getting drenched, soaking in the rains, etc. But places like Lonavala/ Matheran are over-crowded during weekends. Also it becomes too monotonous & boring to visit the same places again & again.
Hence, Third Eye Explorers has arranged a beautiful trip, away from crowds. Let’s visit the Mahabaleshwar of Palghar, a scenic small hill-station. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers as it has abundance of rich scenic beauty with remarkable river valleys, forests, waterfalls, etc. It offers peace & tranquility in the cradle of nature. This is your best opportunity for rejuvenating this weekend. And the best part is – there is no trekking – so anyone can join!
heavy waterfall in Jawhar
Historical importance, heritage preserved, placid lakes with serene atmosphere, Dams located at naturally scenic places, heavy rainfall & enthralling spots offering beautiful panoramic view of the valley, are a few attractions which attract domestic and foreign tourists to this place.
 winding roads of Jawhar
dam at Jawhar
Category: Off-beat Eco-Tour
Date: Sunday, 23rd July, 6am onwards, Day Trip.
Place: Between Igatpuri & Silvassa, Palghar
Charges: Rs. 1550/- for Females, Rs. 1750/- for Males &
Bookings Friday onwards Rs. 1900/- if available
Includes: Travel by pvt vehicle, breakfast, local cuisine lunch, evening refreshment, entry fees, local guidance.
Register: Booking link or WhatsApp 9819155259
Age group: From 7 to 50 yrs
Contact soon before we go full.
Join for sure if you Love Rains

Jungle mein Mangal

Lets celebrate our Independence this year by really being in the outdoors. Fill your lungs with the fresh cold air, listen to the call of the wild birds, feel the earth come alive around you! Get away from the concrete jungle for a two day trip to the real one – along with some of the best people you will ever meet in your life! After the successful Malshej trip, here is the next trip in this series!



Jinal invites all bold adventurers for a two day trip to the outdoors. This will include going for amazing walk in the jungle, playing in dam & waterfalls, call out to passing ships from a lighthouse and shout “Land Ahoy” at the sighting of an island.


Enjoy the jungle walk : There is hardly anything that can compare to actually walking in the forest in terms of a real life adventure experience. You feel very close to nature and every part of you suddenly comes alive. Your senses are tingling and every little sighting gives you a thrill like never before. All sorts of life that we never knew about or cared to learn about will be going on around us – and we will be part of a natural rhythm that has gone on unhindered for millions of years. Once you have enjoyed the serenity of a jungle walk, you never want to go back home again…


IMG_5787Dam & Waterfall: This is the rainy season, and every dam is worth a visit. The hidden waterfall doesn’t have tourist visitors at all. So come prepared to get really wet and have the time of your life.


Light House Visit: Very few of us have actually been inside a light house. For those of us with adventure in the blood, it has always been a mystic being that stands guard on the shore silently communicating its warning to vessels both peaceful and aggressive alike. It stands as a sentinel for pirates as well as merchantmen. A lot many detective stories have a lighthouse in a pivotal scene adding to the mystery and magic of lighthouses in our minds. We will visit this ancient lighthouse and attempt to trace its history through the ages.



Island Trip: To top off this adventure-filled trip(as if the above wasn’t enough), we’ll be visiting an island just off the coast of Raigad. Islands are full of romantic appeal as that is where we would like to be stranded with the person of our dreams 🙂 Also who wouldn’t like to own their very own island? This island is not currently for sale, but we can definitely imagine that we own it and have a little fun for a few hours.


Stay near Jungle: This time we are really living it rough. We will be sleeping near the houses in forest. This means bonfire, campfire songs, sharing, singing, dancing and all the usual fun associated with a campfire.

Travel: We will travel from Mumbai in a private bus with professional driver booked for the event. In every one of our trips, we have had the most fun while travelling back and forth to our destination. This has reaffirmed the fact that its the journey and not merely the destination that is most fun! Combined with the fact that we have the most fun people to travel with, our trips are just fabulous.

(All the above pictures are from our last year’s successful trip only.)

What: 2 day Outdoors trip in the Jungle

When : August 15 – 16, 2015

Where : Roha, Raigad District

Cost: Rs. 2800/- Cash to be paid on the spot

Early Bird Offer No. 2: Rs 2500/- if paid before 15th August only

Early Bird Offer No. 1: Rs 2200/- if paid before August 10th only

Book with 1500/- online & balance in the bus 

What’s Included? : 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner, Travel by Private Bus with Professional Driver & Night Stay

Payment Option 1: Online via IMPS or NEFT
Name: Jinal Chheda
Bank name: Bank of Baroda (Retail)
Branch: Wadala
Savings A/c no: 04210100010548

Payment Option 2: Offline at any Bank of Baroda branch
Walk into any Bank of Baroda branch with the above information and make your payment.
*** When you have made payment, kindly text us the reference number so we can confirm receipt for you.

Payment Option 3: Online via MMID. Please let us know if you have this facility through your bank.

Other Particulars:

Group Size: We are planning on a group of 20 to 25 only. There will be both guys and gals at about 50-50 ratio. Registrations are on first come first served basis only.

Detailed timings, itinerary and other information will be published in whatsapp group created for this trip. Whatsapp on 9769400671 for all queries & registration.

Cancellation Policy: No refund on cancellation for this trip after 11th August.

All participants are joining us for fun and to have a good time. Any untoward action by anyone in the group will cause such person to be thrown out immediately.
So, lets all have a lot of fun, responsibly! See you at the trip.



1)   How many people have already joined?

About 10.

2) Are there any girls coming? 

Well,  I am a girl! So, I think, the answer is Yes! And we often have single girls joining without any issue at all. We have had a very satisfactory record over the last year of successfully completing multiple trips.

3) I don’t know anybody. I’ll feel lonely!

All our trips are meant for individuals. In fact we prefer that because it makes our group more fun – since nobody is stuck up with their own groups! Everybody has fun with everybody else. We make new friends for life. Ask our earlier members.

4) Can I pay on the spot?

Yes, you may, but we won’t guarantee availability of seats. Our trips are pre-booked weeks in advance – so if you don’t find any seat on the day of travel, sorry about it. 🙂

5) I am not familiar with NEFT/IMPS payment!

Don’t worry. Just walk into a Bank of Baroda with the payment information – and they can help you out.

6) What do I need to pack?

We will give you a full list on the Whatsapp Group set up for the event.

7) What sort of people are in the group?

We expect only decent people to join us. It is extremely important to us that every person feels comfortable and enjoys the entire trip with us. We deal with any harassment very seriously.

8) I want to bring my child.  Do you have half tickets?

Our transport supplier charges us by the seat. If your child occupies a seat, the child has to pay in full.

 10) Do you have group discounts?

If you join in a group of 5 or more people, we can offer you a group discount. Please call us to discuss this.