Exploring the Wild in City

SGNP forest stream

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Mumbai is a city of contrasts. One such element is the presence of a National Park with pristine wilderness in the midst of what is India’s busiest metropolis. Which other metropolis in the world can boast of such a privilege? Aren’t we blessed enough?

The first 2 weeks of the monsoons is the most characteristic period when the forest undergoes a sudden and very pleasant transformation, making a perfect time to have a walk in the woods. The dry forest floor is now occupied and bursting with herbs, various lilies, arums which chiefly dominate this first fortnight of the monsoons. Vast portions of the park are restricted and can only be accessed with the permission of the Forest Department. It is in these areas that the park has tucked away the best of its treasures.

Shilonda nature trailInstead of the usual tar road to Kanheri, we will explore inside the forest the muddy unpaved trail which makes for excellent nature watch – plants, butterflies, bugs, spiders, birds, flowers, wild fruits, monkeys and other varieties of insects, making Shilonda an ideal place for nature and macro photography. This trail is one of the most pleasurable walks as it criss-crosses a small forest stream at many points and wading across this crystal clear water is nothing less than therapeutic for a city-sick soul. It is purely a nature walk with the expert naturalists of BNHS leading you, in literally a zero pollution zone right in the heart of one of the most polluted cities in India.

Shilonda trail board

This trail is organized by BNHS.

Naturalist Experts from BNHS: Mr. Vandan Jhaveri & Mr. Sanal Nair

Reporting: Meet inside SGNP, beyond the Ticket Counter under the large map of SGNP at Sunday, 25th June, 7.30am

Charges: Rs. 325/- (includes Forest Department permission fees and Naturalist Expertise)

For further details & Registration: Whatsapp 9819155259

Prior registration is mandatory, kindly do not just RSVP. More than 40ppl have already registered. Hurry

Note: SGNP gate opens at 7:30am, participants will have to buy the entry ticket at the main gate. SGNP is usually crowded on Sunday, hence a long queue is unavoidable. However, entry tickets to SGNP can be purchased online from http://www.bit.ly/sgnponline , Please carry packed breakfast, hat/cap, and adequate water. The programme should conclude by 10:30am. Be prepared for rains.

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