Enjoy your (31st) Last & 1st day of the year with Nature

hillside camping

Who wants to spend the best night of the year in a smoke filled, sweat-drenched party hall? (Not me, that’s for sure!) Bored of that typical bar scene or pub type loud celebrations for New Year’s Eve? Make a change this year.

Let’s welcome 1st sunrise of 2016 beside a beautiful lake and a hill in backdrop & camping, for the nature lovers among us. Breathe in the pure oxygen that Mother Nature has created for us.

lakeside tent camping
lakeside camping

– Stay in tented accommodation – one separate tent for each couple & sharing for others.

– Under the stars far away from the city…

– With a campfire and barbeque…

– Beside a remote lake with a hill view…

– Enjoy light music and campfire from evening till late night. Bring your collection of songs in your mobile/pendrive

– Eat unlimited hot veg / non-veg Dinner

hillside camping
hillside camping

Enjoy with your new friends, or gaze into the eyes of your beloved till the year winds down.

Start your new year at midnight with … (Well, we leave this to your imagination)

But did we mention that couples can have their own tents?


– Play, dance..(last year we danced until everyone fell down tired, or drunk!)

– Go swimming in the cool lake waters in the morning

Laze with our fishing-rods, go trekking, play around mango trees

Some of us sing songs, some play other games. But all of us have lots of fun!

We are bringing the tents and most of the gear, so those of you who want to go directly from work, can do that.

lake & hill view

It’s going to be pretty cold. So please bring your own bed warmers (apparel or human) 🙂  Ok, we are supplying the sleeping bags and the tents. But you can sleep out in the open if you like.

We arrange for the beer and the food.  You arrange for your own hard liquor. You can bring from home or buy along the route. We can tell you where you can get some along the way, if you like.

Those who are adventurous can go with us on a night-time trek through the hillside to an old abandoned fort. It’s a bit dangerous on this trek. So if you are averse to danger, please stay at the campsite.

What better way to spend your last night of the old year? What better way to start the New Year?

By the way, we have a strict no-harassment policy in our trips. Any girl (or boy) being harassed by anyone, gets rather rough treatment from us. So please be on your best behavior (even with booze inside of you)


Where? A remote lake between Mumbai & Pune. Exact location is currently “classified”. You will get complete details after you have booked. We do this every year to keep out “undesirables”.

Travel: Travel is on your own. We will put registered ppl on the whatsapp group on Dec 30. So you can either arrange to car pool or get together and share a taxi to the location.

When? December 31, from evening till next day morning. Please do get out of office early enough to beat the crowd on the Expressway (Or you may end up spending New years on the road)

Who? Above 18 years of age only. Mumbaikars & Punekars. Only fun people please. We have space for 30 people only, so register soon before we are full.

Caution: Not for fuddy-duddies, who want luxury at every step. If you have a bit of adventure in you, then you are gonna love this. Man up, ok?

Also we are keeping the numbers even. We want a good balance so, some of you boys may be on the waiting list until we get more girls to join us. Sorry. And if it’s anything like last year, you girls may have to wait while we get more boys in the group! We had more girls than boys.


How much?

Last minute bookings from Dec 29: (Check with us if any space left) 

Current Price for Girls – Rs. 3200/- (its a great deal with stay)

Current price for Guys – Rs. 3400/-

Current price for Couples – Rs. 6800/-

Included: Dinner, Breakfast, Beer, Barbeque, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Drinking Water

Excluded: Travel, Bring your own Booze & Anything not mentioned above

Reservation / Confirmation is on Payment basis only. Refunds are Not Available for this Event.

Summing it up: No, This is not a seedha – saada camping

  1. Lakeside + Hillside camping
  2. Picturesque view (you will love clicking pictures)
  3. Private Property (So no worry about Security)
  4. Girls have registered too. (So more girls are welcome)
  5. Toilets available
  6. Drinks provided (Beer). Cooling facilities also available for your hard liquor
  7. Campfire & Barbeque available (enjoy roasting them)
  8. Unlimited Veg & Non Veg dinner
  9. Tents & Sleeping Bags provided
  10. Enjoy trekking, fishing & other activities, if you get bored just partying


For all queries & registrations please whatsapp / call: 9819155259

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