Dance Party Under the Waterfalls

Malshej scenic

When the rains really hit, the Malshej ghats are like a leaky sieve under a firehose! Every nook and cranny becomes a waterfall. There is one for every size and age! This is a good outing as a whole family. Umbrellas and raincoats completely optional.

Are you SICK and TIRED of working through the summer? Take off for a day – and you will go back a completely new person…

Lets enjoy the cool wet weather and hot food at much cheaper rate. We’ll enjoy at waterfalls, visit a beautiful lake and a historic fort all together.

dance          historic fort

After picking up our wonderful co-travellers(future life-long friends), we have a wonderful. hot breakfast on the bus while we travel  through beautiful green-filled valleys over a road that winds through villages and towns still wet from the rains. Everywhere you look, is a sight for sore eyes. Every single aspect of nature looks as if it is welcoming you to an awesome experience.

We visit a beautiful, serene lake and play in the water for a little bit.  No one else but us! How wonderful! Lake@Malshej

Then we further proceed to one of the most iconic and important historical forts in the history of Maharashtra. What happened here 400 years ago, still affects us on a day-to-day basis. After a short 10 minute climb over stone steps, we reach the birthplace of Shivaji the Great.

Now, we proceed for a nice lunch from one of the local restaurants.

In the afternoon, we are well on our way to enjoy ourselves at the Waterfalls of Malshej Ghats. You can bring out your inner child and let it loose! Be yourselves (or somebody else).  Let the gallons of water falling on your shoulders every second help wash away all your mental tensions and stress. MAlshejWaterfall


When: 28th June, Sunday, 2015 at 6am to 8pm

Where: Malshej Ghats, Maharashtra

How: By Non-A/c bus while singing and listening to music and playing games and eating snacks and making friends and …

Limited seats, upto 25 persons only.

Cost : Rs. 1500/ – 

Includes pickup from Mumbai and travel by private vehicle, breakfast, lunch & tea & entry charges. Does not include any other expenses not mentioned above.


Kindly confirm your spot by following options:

Payment Option 1: Online via IMPS or NEFT
Name: Jinal Chheda
Bank name: Bank of Baroda (Retail)
Branch: Wadala
Savings A/c no: 04210100010548

Payment Option 2: Offline at any Bank of Baroda branch
Walk into any Bank of Baroda branch with the above information and make your payment.
*** When you have made payment, kindly text us the reference number so we can confirm receipt for you.

Payment Option 3: Online via MMID . Please let us know if you have this facility through your bank.

Detailed timings, itinerary and other information will be published in whatsapp group created for this trip. Whatsapp on 9769400671 for all queries & registration.

Cancellation: No refund on cancellation for this trip.


1)   How many people have already joined?

About 15.

2) Where is the pickup from?

Usually from Andheri, Borivali, Ghodbunder, Thane @ Nasik Highway – Final decisions will be made known over whatsapp group for participants only.

3) Are there any girls coming? 

Well,  I am a girl! So, I think, the answer is Yes! And we often have single girls joining without any issue at all. We have had a very satisfactory record over the last year of successfully completing multiple trips.

4) I don’t know anybody. I’ll feel lonely!

All our trips are meant for individuals. In fact we prefer that because it makes our group more fun – since nobody is stuck up with their own groups! Everybody has fun with everybody else. We make new friends for life. Ask our earlier members.

5) Can I pay on the spot?

Yes, you may, but we won’t guarantee availability of seats. Our trips are pre-booked weeks in advance – so if you don’t find any seat on the day of travel, sorry about it. 🙂

6) I am not familiar with NEFT payment.

Don’t worry. Just walk into a Bank of Baroda with the payment information – and they can help you out.

 7) What do I need to pack?

We will give you a full list on the Whatsapp Group set up for the event.

8) What sort of people are in the group?

We expect only decent people to join us. It is extremely important to us that every person feels comfortable and enjoys the entire trip with us. We deal with any harassment very seriously.

9) I want to bring my child.  Do you have half tickets?

Our transport supplier charges us by the seat. If your child occupies a seat, the child has to pay in full.

 10) Do you have group discounts?

If you join in a group of 5 or more people, we can offer you a group discount. Please call us to discuss this.

11) What is special about your group?

We don’t do carpooling.  We’ve  experienced private  drivers who drink and drive.  Often others in the car who are strangers get drunk and become a problem for everyone else. When you are a traveller in someone else’s car you are practically dependent on their whims, desires and eccentricities.

We only work with professional bus owners and use professional drivers only. This helps us maintain the safety and security of all trip goers – and gives our trip goers peace of mind and confidence! Though this means our trips cost more than car-pooled trips, we have a very high safety record.

We usually have a fixed itinerary we publish ahead of time. We follow this itinerary as much as possible. Our travellers know what to expect at all times.

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